By Dunlea Centre / May 20, 2022

Dunlea Centre’s 2021 Annual Report

Dunlea Centre’s 2021 Annual Report has just been released.
Please click on this link to access the report.

Mr Paul Mastronardi, Executive Director said:

“After nearly a decade at Dunlea Centre I can safely say that 2021 presented the agency with extraordinary challenges never experienced in its history. The year commenced with the Covid variant mutating again and creating a high level risk to our daily lives with increasing infection rates and growing hospitalisations. The eventual full lockdowns that followed were particularly challenging and confining to the population at large.

However, the ability of the staff to stay involved with the young people and families was astounding. The restrictions that were a requirement of the lockdowns, required a tenacity and resourcefulness from the Dunlea community. The staff responded admirably to ensure young people felt supported and connected whilst still helping them maintain focus on their educational objectives. The wellbeing of our young people and families remained a priority throughout these difficult periods. The leadership team were heavily involved assisting the staff to meet these needs whilst also supporting staff wellbeing.

We were once again disappointed University placements from Sweden and Northern Ireland were unable to gain entry to Australia. Similarly, our consultants and researchers from Nebraska, were also unable to travel and work with the agency. Fortunately, the virtual platforms have become a way of life for maintaining contact and connection with all our friends. We look forward optimistically to the new year when we anticipate the borders will eventually be reopened to international visitors and guests.

Dunlea Centre will continue to strive to make a difference in the lives of young people. Our goal is to support and guide them in making behaviour changes and in turn achieving gains in their educational experience. Fundamentally, it is to break down and remove any barriers they have encountered and equip them with positive social skills and resilience that will allow them to participate fully in society as “good citizens”; one of Don Bosco’s favourite expressions.

I look forward to 2022 being a positive year for the Dunlea community.”

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As you read the report you will see evidence of changes being made by young people and families as they set about improving relationships and opportunities for a better future. The journey of change is difficult; it requires courage, commitment and resilience. Dunlea staff purposefully support young people and families through the difficult journey and are constantly encouraged by the changes and achievements over the course of the program.