By Dunlea Centre / Dec 16, 2022

Dunlea Centre’s Outstanding 2022 HSC Results

HSC marks were released yesterday and our students achieved some fantastic results, especially in Maths. We received three Band 6’s and one Band 5! Noah and Casey were top 6 in the state, Caleb top 20 & Brendon top 80!

This is a massive recognition of our student’s hard work and all staff’s effort in supporting our students to achieve their best.

The Sydney Morning Herald released numerous articles on the achievements of a number of students from schools around Sydney, with Dunlea Centre being one of them:



School overcomes adversity to produce high achievers

It was an exciting day for Dunlea Centre in Engadine yesterday, a registered charity that helps adolescents and families at risks.

The centre had their first cohort of HSC students in 2022, and three students landed themselves on the HSC honour roll, an achievement which maths teacher Lauren Beaufils was ecstatic about.

“The students that made the honour roll have really overcome adversity to make it,” Beaufils said.

“They have worked incredibly hard. We run a collapsed curriculum, so they do year 11 and 12 in one year, and they studied hard leading up to the exams.”

The students particularly excelled in maths, with three students getting a band 6 in the subject, two of which were in the top six for the state.

Students at Dunlea Centre study Mathematics Standard 1, Community and Family Studies (CAFS), Geography, PDHPE and English Standard.

The whole school has about 50 students, and with a cohort of eight students sitting the HSC, Beaufils said that the success of this year’s class is inspiring for the students who will sit their HSC in 2023.

“It just shows them that they can achieve what they want to achieve and if they want to go to university, then it is available to them, but they might not have previously thought that.”

To read the full article and learn more about our students’ outstanding results, click here.