By Dunlea Centre / Apr 18, 2016

Club Engadine Dedicated To Improving Lives

We would like to acknowledge and thank the fantastic support the Dunlea Centre received courtesy of Engadine RSL and Citizens Club Limited, as part of the ClubGrants funding opportunity.

In true community spirit, a total of $8708 was generously donated, which was used to purchase furniture for the living and learning spaces for our young people participating in the residential programs. The new furniture and equipment have successfully created a comfortable, modern and welcoming environment. As a result of Club Engadine’s donation, each of the four units at the Engadine site benefited from items such as outdoor settings, BBQs, lounges, storage cupboards and classroom furniture. This pleasant home-like environment enhances the overall experience, contributing towards the positive outcomes of the program including improved life skills and education.

By having the correct tools in an inspiring setting they are better equipped to make the transition from our program back into a mainstream school environment.