By Dunlea Centre / Mar 9, 2021

Dunlea Centre Now Offers Stage 6 Education

Stage 6 is now offered at Dunlea Centre!

Students are now able to continue their education journey at Dunlea and access Stage 6 classes.

Joel Hamill, Dunlea’s Educational Services Manager said:  “Offering Stage 6 has been amazing for our young people and their families. There was definitely a ‘need’ for us to continue our service delivery and keep our students engaged in education with our specialised teaching model. We’ve been blown away by the students’ application and commitment to their learning.   We’re looking forward to seeing them reap the benefits when they sit three of their HSC exams, as we are offering Stage 6 in a compressed curriculum.”

By offering Stage 6 our young people don’t need to change schools/residence and deal with all the stress and anxiety that entails.  So for the first time ever, we now have Stage 6 students here!