By Dunlea Centre / Apr 1, 2021

Coaching Opportunity at Dunlea Centre

This term in Physical Activity Sport Studies we have been studying Coaching.

While much of the content focus has been sports coaching, we also spent a lot of time investigating how skills necessary for coaching can be beneficial in everyday life.

Dunlea students are completing an online course through the Australian Institute of Sport; Introduction to Community Coaching. As part of their assessment, students conducted a coaching session of year 5 Bosco Primary students. Dunlea students have been preparing for this coaching session in class writing coaching speeches/explanations and practicing coaching their peers through certain drills.

Dunlea students coached primary students in groups of 15 students for 15 minute sessions.

They all did extremely well and demonstrated not only knowledge of coaching and skills necessary for a variety of sports, but also leadership and role model skills. The Bosco primary teachers spoke very highly of Dunlea students and even asked if they would continue coaching sessions every week.

Sam Boggs, Dunlea Centre Educator said “Watching them coach and lead so well was one of my proudest moments as a teacher”.