By Dunlea Centre / Feb 7, 2022

Give them a future luncheon

Dunlea Centre regretfully writes to inform our supporters that we have made the decision to put the Fundraising Luncheon for a second girls house on hold for the moment.

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 outbreaks over the past 2 years has meant that we have already had to postpone the event twice and we recognise the financial strain and difficult circumstances that some of our sponsors have had to endure in the lockdown period. With this in mind we believe it is socially responsible to allow our community an opportunity to rebound from these setbacks. As a social support service, Dunlea Centre was provided with a government stimulus which has supported our program and lightened some of the financial burden in maintaining the current program. This stimulus has been gratefully received.

A decision has been made not to set a new date for our next fundraising event, partially due to the uncertainties that presently exist.

Dunlea Centre intends to refund all monies that were kindly donated to set this event up should anyone want a refund. It is our hope to host our new sponsors onsite at the next available opportunity, as for many, this was your first interaction with us and we would really like to show you in person the amazing young people we work with, and the program which we are very proud to deliver. Again, due to the uncertainties, we are unsure when this will be allowed, however we are really keen to facilitate this as soon as possible.

We thank everyone for their support and interest and we look forward to holding an event in the not too distant future.