By Dunlea Centre / Sep 15, 2016

Dunlea Centre Supporters: The Bodyboard Academy

We would like to express our gratitude to all our supporters. From donating to a newsletter to participating in an activity, together we can support those who need it.

We’re excited and appreciative of the support the Dunlea Centre receives from The Bodyboard Academy. It is only with your continued support that our work can continue.

Ever wondered what it feels like to be inside a barrel? Do you want to enjoy the rush of riding a wave without fear of being hit by a big board? Are you interested in introducing the kids to the ocean with one of the safest (and easily the funnest!) ways of wave riding? Or are you looking to take your bodyboarding skills to the next level? Whatever your reasons, Lilly is here to help.

Lilly Pollard is five times Australian champion, the 2014 Pipeline Pro Hawaii APB World Tour champion, and has over 20 years of bodyboarding experiences to share with you. It’s time to boogie!

Read more about The Bodyboard Academy here >

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