By Dunlea Centre / Apr 18, 2016

Celebrating Another Great Year With Our Young People And Their Families

At the end of term, each of our units host a special family event to celebrate all their hard work. It’s also an opportunity to showcase and share the progress our young people have made over the course of the year with their families and carers.

At the end of last year, our Maria Unit for girls held a morning tea. It was a huge turn out with all families attending! During the event the girls showed videos and photos that they had taken throughout the term, including a video of them playing the guitar. As well as receiving awards, the girls participated in a quiz about what they learnt in the classroom and about each other and the staff. For the girls leaving the program, there were lots of emotional parents, who thanked us for ‘giving them their daughters back’ and ‘giving them the chance at a positive future together as a family’.

Ciantar, one of our three boys’ units, held a lunch with all the families. They gave out lots of awards and showed videos and photos of the boys’ experiences during the term. After the staff had made glowing speeches, everyone said goodbye to Val, a long-serving Ciantar teacher, and farewelled one student who was finishing up at Dunlea – once again, with a very emotional but grateful parent by their side.