By Dunlea Centre / Sep 29, 2016

Dunlea Centre Supporters: Tribe Social Fitness

We would like to express our gratitude to all our supporters. From donating to a newsletter to participating in an activity, together we can support those who need it.

We’re excited and appreciative of the support the Dunlea Centre receives from Tribe Social Fitness. It is only with your continued support that our work can continue.

Thank you to the team at Tribe for their $4,512 donation raised from their Toxin Free February Challenge. Members committed to a month of clean eating. This involved eliminating processed foods, refined sugar and alcohol for the month and limiting caffeine to once or twice a week. Besides the amazing health benefits gained during the month long challenge, where participants shed an incredible 73kg, most importantly much needed support was raised for the program.

A team of highly experienced trainers with an average of 8 years experience. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers work with you personally to help you set your goals, provide guidance and advice on nutrition, as well as keep you accountable with regular check-ins so you reach your goals.

Read more about Tribe Social Fitness here >

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