By Dunlea Centre / Oct 18, 2019

The Dunlea Difference

Anna said: “I hadn’t been to school in over a year. This program is much less stressful than a mainstream school for me.”

What does success look like? Young people re-engaging with education.

Dunlea Centre students enjoy great success with the Day Program. Young people who had previously failed in the education system in various settings are thriving at Dunlea. Small class sizes and individual support are part of the reason why our students are re-engaging with education. Many of our young people are finishing their Year 10 studies and looking to continue their education to complete Years 11 and 12.

James said: “Before coming to the program I avoided reading and writing. I couldn’t read a bus or train timetable! Now I am able to read and write well and my school work keeps getting better.”

Luke said: “Before I came to Dunlea I hated maths and I never did any tests. In my most recent maths test I got 77%.”

Joel Hamill, Lead Teacher, attributes this success to Dunlea Centre’s approach of focussing on ‘strengths’ rather than ‘deficits’. Joel said: “Each young person participates in review meetings throughout the duration of the program and Personalised Learning Plans (PLP’s) are developed. Both the review meetings and the PLP assist the young person in targeting and achieving their goals. Subsequent goals are identified throughout their placement and many Dunlea students surprise themselves with the level of success they achieve.”

Dunlea Centre truly is A Place For Change.

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