By Dunlea Centre / Oct 26, 2020

Talking Mental Health With Moises Henriques

Dunlea Centre was very excited to sit down and talk with Australian cricketer Moises Henriques about Mental Health Month.

Dunlea Centre, Australia’s Original Boys’ Town is proud to be participating in this year’s Mental Health Month by hosting and organising a number of events aiming to increase awareness of mental health issues and reduce stigma.

Dunlea young people were ecstatic to meet Australian cricketer Moises Henriques and discuss a range of topics relating to mental health and wellbeing.

Moises said:  “When I learnt to live in the moment, everything improved.  I noticed when I started investing more into my mental health, my game and physical fitness improved.”

Dunlea young people enjoyed chatting with Moises about many issues.  Dunlea student Josh said “The main thing I will remember was Moises advice that worrying about tomorrow won’t change today.”

Dunlea Centre is committed to educating young people about mental health issues and building resiliency, positive connections and increasing self-awareness.