By Dunlea Centre / May 18, 2016

Dunlea Centre Units In 2015

Have you ever wondered about what life was like for a young person in a Dunlea Centre Unit?

If you have, you can read about what Dunlea Centre units Maria, Power, Flemming and Ciantar got up to in 2015

Maria Unit

2015 has been another busy year for the girl’s residential program full of fun, excitement discovery and a few challenges. We started with a theme of ‘Global Citizen’ and continued with ‘Participation’, ‘Short Story’, and ‘Gold Coast’. Read More About Maria Here >

Power Unit

2015 was a vibrant and dynamic year for the Power Unit. We started with a theme of ‘Know Yourself’ and continued with ‘Now’, ‘Get On Board’, and ‘New Horizons’. Read More About Power Here >

Fleming Unit

2015 was another big year for the Fleming unit with a program designed to challenge the boys striving towards their personal goals. It has been pleasing to see the way in which the boys have developed and grown throughout the year. Read More About Fleming Here >

Ciantar Unit

In 2015, the Ciantar students were engaged by a challenging and dynamic program within the Dunlea Centre setting. Over the course of the year Ciantar welcomed numerous fresh faces and said goodbye to several young people that had spent a significant period within the program. Regardless of duration or overall outcome, Ciantar staff feel confident that all students that accessed the program have left with a wealth of memorable experiences, educational enrichment and improved relationships both at school and at home. Read More About Ciantar Here >